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Dr. Wanda Bolton-Davis


“Victorious Disciples: A Practical Guide for Christian Discipleship and Mentoring”

Victorious Disciples is a study of Biblical principles. By imparting spiritual knowledge and encouragement, this book is designed to help Christian women and men move from knowing the Word of God, to living the Word of God. If you are a new Christian but feel lost, this book is for you. If you have been in Christ for some time, but life is taking a toll on you, this book is for you. 

Victorious Disciples

Victorious Disciples provides the following guidelines for your Christian walk:  How to study the Bible, How to have an effective prayer life, How to experience victory in spiritual warfare, How to have strong faith,  How to live a Spirit filled life. 

The Victorious Life: A 30-Day Devotional Journal

(Moving From Faith to Action)

What good is our Christian faith without the action to match? Dr. Wanda Bolton Davis shares 30 devotionals strategically cultivated to help springboard your response to God’s word through intentional actions in your daily life.

Returning to the Great Commission

Examining the Biblical Foundation and Effectiveness of Small Group Discipleship

Whether you are beginning small groups, desiring to strengthen your existing small groups, or needing to train your small group leaders, Returning to the Great Commission teaches invaluable information on how to advance your church’s discipleship approach. This book masterfully examines the Old Testament and New Testament as it relates to discipleship, laying a foundation for small groups and providing practical steps on how to advance your church’s discipleship ministry by implementing an effective small group strategy.

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